We offer a 10% discount to all of those who serve our community as teachers, law enforcement, first responders, and veterans. You are all  important to us and the community, let us be of service to you!

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Keeping a well-maintained vehicle is paramount to your safety. That is why we offer customer education and the right tools and equipment to make sure your vehicle is functioning properly. Our number one priority is the safety of our customers and we pride ourselves in making sure your vehicle is as well.

Oil Change

Most important in helping your vehicle live a longer life.


Coolant Systems

From radiators and water pumps, we service all of your coolant needs.


Tune Ups

Spark plugs and coil packs keep your engine happy!



From testing to replacing, we have you covered.



We properly diagnose your vehicle and provide estimates before we begin work on your vehicle.


Brake Service

Changing your brake pads on time can save you time and money on rotor replacement.


Engine Repair

All makes and models, call for estimates.



Timing Belt

We can replace timing belts before they break, but if yours does go out on you, we have you covered.


We can change your alternator to get you back on the road.



Performance upgrades

Lifts, after market parts, to custom welding, we have you covered.                          


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