Providing Expert & Honest Service From Our Family To Yours

 We didn’t set out to start a business! Mike has been working on anything with an engine since he was a teenager. He worked as an apprentice at a local four wheel drive shop in high school.  After graduation, Mike served in the Army for 8 years as a communication specialist. Upon returning home, he went back to his passion: cars! He has worked for several dealerships including Chevy and Kia. In 2009, he left the mechanic life for awhile and became a welder for the boilermakers union. He has always been the family mechanic, and would spend his time after work servicing cars at Christy’s father’s used car lot. Christy’s father, Ron, passed away suddenly in 2015 and is the reason we have the halo above the A of Attkisson in our logo.

 Our son was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder in 2015. He needed several therapy sessions each week to help him learn and adapt. Our newborn daughter also had several medical needs that came up that same year. In late 2016, when our children’s medical bills were more than we could afford, Mike started doing mechanic work in the evenings and on weekends for friends and family. The plan was to make extra money to try and put a dent in the overwhelming and neverending bills! Word quickly spread and before we knew it, our back yard was full of cars waiting to be worked on. Mike’s honesty and quality work had earned him several customers who were now referring their friends and family! Mike’s phone and facebook were ringing day and night with people needing automotive repair they could trust.

    We decided it was now or never, and Mike left his full time job to start Attkisson Automotive. Christy took what she had out of her 401k and we rented a small shop and purchased a vehicle lift. Before long, the phone was ringing off the hook and Mike couldn’t answer the phone and do all of the work himself. At this point, Christy made the decision to leave her full time job and run the “office”. At the time, it was a desk in the back corner of the shop!

    After a year in our first shop, we had run out of room! We made the move to our current location in November of 2018 and have since hired another mechanic to help share the load! So as we say, we never meant to start a business, it just happened! We were at our lowest, grieving the loss of Christy’s father, and struggling to keep up with our children’s medical bills when all of this began. We realize we are truly blessed to have been able to turn things around and make use of Mike’s talents. We are eternally grateful and humbled at the love we receive from our amazing customers and the town we live in. We give all the glory to God for the struggles he brought us through and the blessings we have been given. Our son is doing amazingly well from the help he has received from his therapies and school. He continues to amaze us daily with his sweet personality and zest for life. Our daughter is now a happy, healthy little girl who has a spunky attitude and has made claim to be “daddy’s favorite helper at the shop”.

    Attkisson Automotive was started because a family was in need. We asked ourselves, “What would Ron do? What would he want us to do?” We knew we had to move forward and make sure our children were able to receive the help they needed. That is why we want you to feel like family when you come see us. We want to build a relationship with our customers. When you see us out in town, we want to hear you say, “Hey! My car has never ran so well!” or “I’ll be seeing you soon for an oil change!” We want to get rid of the stigma that so many have of mechanic shops. We know we probably rank about as high as the dentist when it comes to places you want to spend your time or money! We promise to make it as painless as possible and educate you on anything you want to know or learn about maintaining a well running vehicle. We are transparent in our work. We will gladly take pictures or show you in person what your vehicle needs.

    Our goal is to provide quality automotive care and repair at a fair price. We don’t use coupons or gimmicks. We price fairly and work hard to provide accurate estimates before any repairs are done. If you are in need of repairs or looking to have preventative maintenance done, please feel free to call or send us a message on facebook. We are here for you!


Thank you!

Mike & Christy Attkisson

Attkisson Automotive